It Starts With a Plan

What are you working toward in your social life or finances?  What kind of romantic relationships will you like to experience?

It’s not until a few years ago I started taking this stuff seriously. I was constantly asking myself why in the world was I not living the exceptional life I knew I wanted.  Life was definitely happening to me and I later found out it was because I did not have a solid vision.

I’m offering this to you so that you do not spend years pondering the same question. Create a plan for the life you want to live now.

I’ve learnt that having a vision is powerful.  It creates purpose, peace, focus, drive and fulfillment.   It has allowed me to get fired up,  aim high and dream big. I’m also able to quickly decipher whether an experience, thought or person is serving my purpose and helping me move toward my life’s vision or not. This gives me the power to take the action that’s needed.

A Vision Plan For Your Life

According to Stefan James of these are the seven most common areas you might consider when developing your vision plan.

  • Physical Body 
  • Mind  
  • Emotions
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Career & Business
  • Finances
  • Social Life

I encourage you to take some time by yourself to create a vision plan for all areas of your life. We will go through each area together and I will share some of what I envision for my life. There is no wrong or right answers here.  This is the fun part – visualizing and dreaming big!

With love and lots of pleasure.